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Winn Grips are made from an advanced polymer. POLYMER IS NOT RUBBER. Therefore, Winn grips should be treated and cared for in a different manner.

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Winn Introduces WinnDry Grip Technology for 2012

Huntington Beach, CA, November 3, 2011—Dr. Ben Huang, founder and CEO of Winn Incorporated, announced their new product line for 2012.

Dri-Tac™ Wrap Lite

The new Dri-Tac™ Wrap Lite grips represent the ultimate in Winn Technology. The new WinnDry™ polymer material coupled with WinnLite underlisting delivers tacky, all-weather playability while the contoured spiral wrap design provides a glove-like fit for added stability. WinnLite™ Technology removes over half of the grip weight to improve clubhead feel and add distance.


The new Dri-Tac™ Series is our tackiest ever. Our new WinnDry™ polymer material combines a cushioned, comfortable feel with exceptional non-slip performance in all weather conditions. Rain or shine, the Dri-Tac™ delivers.

Winn Pro Wrap

The new WinnPro Wrap is designed for serious players who demand tackiness, responsiveness and all-weather playability from their grips. Its new WinnDry™ polycord material has a firm, textured feel and remains tacky in wet, humid or dry conditions. The contoured spiral wrap design allows the fingers to meld into the subtle ridges for a perfect fit.


Winn’s 2012 putter grips exemplify great feel and vibrancy. The Excel polymer material provides a comfortable, tacky touch while the colorful designs and unique tread pattern give these grips a stylish edge as well.

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