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Hybrid Grip Technology

The Best Feeling

Hybrid grip technology merges multiple grip materials to achieve a unique and improved feel in each hand on the grip. With DuraTech, Winn created the first ever rubber/polymer hybrid grip. We combine the best attributes of rubber (durability & responsiveness) and polymer (comfort & tackiness) to develop the best feeling, highest performance grip ever constructed. The result is DuraTech -- a phenomenally durable, slip-resistant, all-weather performance hybrid. View All DuraTech Grips

Winn Hybrid Grip Technology
Upper Hand, Winn Hybrid Grip Technology Upper Hand

Made with Winn's proprietary Elastom ETX rubber compound for a responsive, textured feel, non-slip control and long-lasting durability.

Lower Hand

Winn's new WinnDry XT polymer material creates a comfortable, tacky feel in ALL weather conditions.

Lower Hand, Winn Hybrid Grip Technology

The First Ever Rubber/Polymer Hybrid Grip

Winnlite Technology

Featured in Winn Pro X and Jumbo Pistol Lite

What It Does

  • Uses lightweight compressed foam (EVA) instead of heavier rubber to produce the underlying portion of the grip (underlisting)
  • Results in a 40-50% grip weight reduction

Player Benefits

  • Allows for enhanced clubhead feel for increased distance control
  • Helps stabilize your stroke by minimizing wrist movement.
Winn Pro X/Jumbo Pistol Lite, Winnlite Technology

Grip Wrapping Techniques

Unique Method, Lasting Result (Available in Dri-Tac Wrap and Excel Ultra Soft)

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Spiral Wrap Technology, Winn Grip Wrapping Techniques
Spiral Wrap Technology

Winn’s original and still very popular wrapping method. As opposed to the AVS single vertical seam construction, spiral wrap technology uses a long, narrow strip of polymer that is hand-wrapped onto the grip. It provides a unique contoured feel for ultimate tackiness and comfort.

Advanced Vertical Seam(AVS Technology), Winn Grip Wrapping Techniques
Advanced Vertical Seam (AVS Technology)

AVS is Winn's patented single-panel wrapping method. A sheet of polymer grip material encloses the underlisting lengthwise, resulting in a vertical seam that seals the grip on the backside. AVS Technology features no overlap of materials and a virtually seamless appearance and feel! Our AVS rod grips are easy to install.