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Winn Grips are made from an advanced polymer. POLYMER IS NOT RUBBER. Therefore, Winn grips should be treated and cared for in a different manner.

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Winn Grips Taps Natalie Gulbis as a LPGA Player Advisor

HUNTINGTON BEACH,CA—September 1, 2006–Winn Incorporated announced today that the company has retained Natalie Gulbis as LPGA Player Advisor.

“We are thrilled to have Natalie on our team,” statedDr. Ben Huang, founder and CEO of Winn Incorporated. “She is one of the most exciting young players on the LPGA Tour and commands great respect in the golf world.” According to Huang, Gulbis will use Winn’s G8 line on all her woods and irons and Winn’s Excel 21” putter for all her public appearances and tournaments.

Gulbis had been playing with Winn grips for several months prior to signing with Winn. Playing with the Winn G8 grips on all her clubs, she placed an impressive second, narrowly losing a playoff, in the Jamie Farr Owens Corning Classic.

“The tackiness and feel of Winn grips cannot be matched,” Gulbis declared. “I particularly like the way they hold up in rainy conditions. They are the best grips I have ever played.”

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Winn Steps Up Its Support of Breast Cancer Research

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA—June 1, 2006 –Winn now offers a new black/pink men’s G8 grip in addition to its already successful black/pink Excel putter and women’s AI product line.

“The response to our current black/pink grip has been overwhelming,” stated Winn President and CEO, Dr. Ben Huang. “So many men have asked for a way to join the cause. Now we have an answer. It is important to understand that breast cancer does not just affect women—it affects us all.”

The new black/pink G8 grip for men is available in standard size and features our latest Advanced Integration technology. AI precisely positions the ideal levels of tackiness and feel in critical grip areas where they are most needed. Tackier, firmer, and more durable than ever, the grip also features V17 all-weather playability.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of all our black/pink grips will be donated to breast cancer research.

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