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Winn Grips are made from an advanced polymer. POLYMER IS NOT RUBBER. Therefore, Winn grips should be treated and cared for in a different manner.

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Winn Continues it's Quest to Build the Ideal Grip for Every Golfer

Huntington Beach,CA,November 1, 2008—Winn continues its quest to build the ideal grip for every golfer. They continue to offer the complete spectrum of grips from Firm, Medium to Soft.

Dr. Ben Huang, founder and CEO of Winn Incorporated announced their new product line for 2009.

PCi Triple Line- Designed with the tour player in mind while improving play for golfers at any level. The grip’s innovative Triple Line embossing pattern and firm yet comfortable feel particularly favors players with high swing speeds while offering unmatched response and control for all shotmakers. This durable grip performs in all weather conditions.

Giant Putter Grip-Our largest putter offering. This colossal grip helps stabilize your stroke by eliminating wrist movement while promoting a smooth tempo. The soft, tacky Excel polymer delivers comfort and feel for greater confidence on the greens.

Wedge Grip-Featuring Excel Soft material, our new wedge grip provides the ultimate in comfort, tackiness, and shock absorption. The added grip length gives players more options to fine-tune their hand position according to the distance and difficulty of each shot.

Junior Grips-Excel Soft material delivers ultimate feel and comfort for junior golfers. Bright stylish color options allow junior golfers to express themselves on the course and have more fun. The 0.550" core works well on both 0.500" and 0.560" shafts.

21-inch round- Popular on tour for many years, Winn’s 21-inch round belly grip is now available to everyone. Made with our V17 PolyCord material in a traditional wrap style, this specialty grip perfectly suits golfers who use the belly putter method.

Also look for several new Ladies’ grips along with a unique new putter design available in three different sizes.

To view our entire grip line, visit our updated website: