Grip Replacement

Grip Replacement
  1. Secure the club in a vise just below the grip using a protective rubber vise clamp. Align the club face perpendicular to the floor.
  2. Remove the old grip with a hooked blade in a utility knife taking care to always cut away from yourself. Be extremely careful when dealing with graphite shafts, as you do not want to cut into the shaft. Peel off the old tape by hand and clean up the residue with a cloth and grip solvent. Do not scrape a graphite shaft, because scraping can cut into the graphite fibers and weaken the shaft.
  3. Now that you have removed the old grip and cleaned the shaft you are ready to install your new Winn grip.
  4. It is important to realize that Winn grips are not made of rubber and therefore require different treatment and technique. Do not remove your grips from their individually wrapped package until you are ready to install them. After it has been removed from the packaging you should not twist or bend the grip.
  5. While the club is in the vise, apply one layer of two-sided 2" grip tape. Leave an extra 1/4" of tape over the butt end of the shaft.
  6. Peel the backing off the tape and cover the butt of the shaft with the overlapping portion of tape.
  7. Squirt a generous amount of odorless mineral spirits inside the grip, sealing the vent hole in the butt of the grip with your finger. Close the small (mouth) end of the grip, and shake vigorously to wet the entire inside of the grip.
  8. Pour the excess solvent over the entire length of the two-sided tape. Use extra solvent from the can as needed, using a metal tray to catch excess fluid.
  9. Tilting the grip slightly, gently slide the nipple of the grip over the butt end of the shaft. Once the nipple is over the end of the shaft quickly bring the grip parallel to the floor and slide it all the way on. When you do this you want to make sure the all of the tape is still wet with solvent.
  10. Push the grip firmly onto the shaft to make sure the grip butt cap is all the way up against the shaft butt.
  11. Using the marks on the nipple and butt of the grip, make sure the grip is on straight and is squared to the clubface. The grip can be adjusted for a few minutes after installation while the tape is still activated. Allow ample drying time before using the club, it should usually be ready to use in about 30 minutes.