AUGUST 28, 2011

The Importance of Regripping

It takes three components to make a golf club (clubhead, shaft, grip), yet it seems like one is routinely ignored... The Grip. The grip is the only true connection we have to the golf club. It is the nerve center of the swing that provides critical feedback on the performance of the entire golf club. Your grips play a significant role in golf and are an important part of your equipment.

Old, worn grips with smooth, hard, shiny patches or wear spots will cause the club to slip in your hands. This slippage affects the position of the club face at impact and forces you to tighten your hold on the club, resulting in increased tension and less accurate shots.

The surface tack on newer grips allows a lighter, easier grip with better control of shots and less hand fatigue build-up during your golf round. Newer grips also promote a good golf swing and better release at contact, benefiting all levels of player.

We advise golfers to have their grips replaced at least once a season. With new grips, the club should feel good in your hands and you should feel confident and connected to the club head.

AUGUST 15, 2011

AJGA Summer Recap

As the AJGA continues to roll through their 2011 summer season, Winn  is proud to be a title sponsor of the AJGA and  a strong supporter of growing the game through junior golf. Winn representatives attend more than a dozen AJGA events annually throughout the country to offer free regripping to their junior  players.

Current AJGA players have proven that their skills measure up with the world's best this summer. 17 year old Beau Hossler recently qualified for and played in the US Open at Congressional CC. Jordan Speith, another 17 year old, just won the USGA Junior Amateur in July and also played in the PGA Tour's Byron Nelson Championship in May, at one point climbing to within 3 shots of the lead in the final round.

On the girls' side, sisters Moriya and Ariya Jutanugarn from Thailand have blistered the AJGA Tour this year, both claiming numerous victories. Both also recently played in the US Women's Open along with six other AJGA players invited to play in the crown jewel event of the LPGA Tour. Moriya was the top amateur, finishing tied for 32nd.

Impressive to say the least!

AUGUST 14, 2011

Anatomy of a Winn Grip

When it comes to Winn Grips, there is much more than meets the eye. Each and every one is constructed as a 2-piece grip as seen in the diagram above. The underlisting, or inner portion of the grip, is made of rubber or lightweight compressed foam (EVA) to create the shape and profile of the grip. The outer layer is our advanced polymer material which is bonded to the underlisting.

 image description

It is this advanced polymer material that is Winn's key technological advantage. Because this polymer material is synthetic and NOT rubber, we are able to create different polymer compounds to suit any type of golfer... from an ultra soft and comfortable feel to firm, high performance Polycord grips. Our primary focus is creating tacky, slip resistant grips that provide unparalleled shock absorption for both a tension free as well as pain free swing.

AUGUST 10, 2011

AVS or Spiral Wrap? You Can't Go Wrong!

image descriptionWhether you prefer the spiral wrap design or the single panel Advanced Vertical Seam (AVS), Winn has the grip for your game.


The more traditional spiral wrap design offers exceptional feel, shock absorption, and tackiness preferred by many golfers. The wrap's contoured design allows your fingers to naturally blend into the ridges of the grip, providing extra stability that results in more accurate shotmaking.

For those who prefer a more uniform feel, Winn offers Advanced Vertical Seam (AVS) style grips, which are single panel grips that seam vertically in the back. A layer of advanced polymer material is wrapped around an underlisting (inner portion) creating a uniform grip with no overlap. This patented wrapping technique produces a virtually seamless appearance with a sleek tapered profile.

No matter which wrap style of Winn Grip you choose, you're bound to find the great tackiness and feel you've come to expect from WInn.

JUNE 09, 2011

Winn: Still making a difference in 2011

Huntington Beach, CA, November 3, 2010.  Dr. Ben Huang, founder and CEO of Winn Incorporated, announced their new product line for 2011.

Winn HeroTM Grips. In deference to our brave men and women in uniform, Winn?s camouflage green/khaki Hero grips combine high performance with a worthy cause. Available in firm and soft for woods and irons, these grips harness WinnLite grip technology to lighten club weight for faster swings and farther distance. The Hero line also offers putter grips in Medallist and Midsize pistol models. A portion of all Winn HeroTM grip sales proceeds will go to the Troops First Foundation to recognize, honor, and support our U.S. soldiers who have risked life and limb for this nation.

APRIL 22, 2011

So What Makes a Winn Grip a Winn Grip?

Winn began its innovation of synthetic grips with tennis in 1980. In 1996, Winn was the first to introduce synthetic polymer grips to the golf market instead of rubber, making the company the foremost leader in synthetic grip technology for the past 15 years. Because of constant technological advancements, Winn grips offer a number of performance and feel advantages over typical rubber grips:

  • Ultimate Comfort & Tackiness
  • 65% More Shock Absorption
  • 40% More Slip Resistant
  • Multiple levels of grip firmness, size and weight to fit every player.

Winn is the most innovative golf grip company in the industry.  It owns more than 100 worldwide patents and continues to pioneer cutting-edge grip technologies.


 Click Here for more about Winn Grips' Technology

APRIL 05, 2011

Winn Partners with AJGA again in 2011

In 2010 Winn partnered with the American Junior Golf Association to promote some thrilling junior golf events. Every Easter weekend, Winn sponsors the Winn Grips Heather Farr Classic hosted by Longbow Golf Club. The 2010 event was awarded the AJGA Tournament of the Year, which is given annually to the tournament that showcases the AJGA, its members, sponsors and host facility better than any other event on the association's schedule.

In addition to being on the range and offering a regripping service at 16 events in 2010, Winn also hosted the inaugural Winn Junior Cup Challenge (WJCC). The WJCC consisted of 19 weekly events during which players vie for a chance to play in a year-end competition in Las Vegas featuring Winn Grips Spokespeople Butch Harmon and Natalie Gulbis.

The WJCC was a tremendous success in 2010 and we are hoping for an even better 2011.  Please check the 2011 AJGA Tournament Schedule and attend a local event as a spectator.  These junior golfers are the best in the world and love to play for a gallery!

FEBRUARY 01, 2011

A New Year Brings New Trends & Innovations

In January 2011, Winn introduced the new WinnLite HERO, an addition to our popular WinnLite product line.  Each year we continuously strive to create the ideal grip for every golfer while pushing the limits of innovation.  This year's creation of the camouflage-colored HERO grip sets a trend in the golf industry as well as gives back to the troops that risk their lives for our nation.  A portion of the proceeds of every HERO grip sold is being donated to the Troops First Foundation.

The Troops First Foundation started in 2008 to facilitate a greater recognition and an enhanced understanding of the quality and character of the men and women who volunteer to serve their families, their daily sacrifices and the constant need to evaluate and improve their quality of life. The WinnLite HERO is a dedication to these men and women. Not only are they our HEROES but HEROES to our community and the younger generations.