Winn Introduces WinnLite Grip Technology for 2010

Huntington Beach, CA, November 10, 2009—Dr. Ben Huang, founder and CEO of Winn Incorporated, announced their new product line for 2010.

Winn is proud to introduce WinnLite™ Grip Technology, an advanced injection molding process that significantly reduces grip weight to increase club swing speed and generate greater distance and accuracy. A typical rubber grip weighs around 50 grams. WinnLite™ Grip Technology produces a grip that weighs as little as 25 grams -- about half the weight of a conventional grip. By lightening the grip, you will be able to feel the increased swing weight immediately.

WinnLite™ grips are available in WinnLiteFirm™ (featuring Winn V17®-PolyCord material), WinnLiteMedium™ (featuring V17® material), and WinnLiteSoft™ (featuring V17®-Soft material). With a wide array of choices, golfers can personalize and improve their feel for the game in the size that’s right for them.

WinnLite™ Grip Technology opens a new frontier in club design in the golf equipment industry. OEM’s can now design clubs in concert with WinnLite™ grips to obtain maximum multiplication effect (not just addition) in performance.

WinnLite™ Grip Technology also emerges in Winn’s highly popular Jumbo pistol putter series. A mere 62 grams, the new Winn JumboLite™ putter grip enhances putter head feel while providing the trusted stability of an oversize grip. Outfitted with PCi Triple Line® material and pattern for great texture and feel, Winn JumboLite™ will help golfers find the right touch and rhythm on the greens.

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