AUGUST 28, 2011

The Importance of Regripping

It takes three components to make a golf club (clubhead, shaft, grip), yet it seems like one is routinely ignored... The Grip. The grip is the only true connection we have to the golf club. It is the nerve center of the swing that provides critical feedback on the performance of the entire golf club. Your grips play a significant role in golf and are an important part of your equipment.

Old, worn grips with smooth, hard, shiny patches or wear spots will cause the club to slip in your hands. This slippage affects the position of the club face at impact and forces you to tighten your hold on the club, resulting in increased tension and less accurate shots.

The surface tack on newer grips allows a lighter, easier grip with better control of shots and less hand fatigue build-up during your golf round. Newer grips also promote a good golf swing and better release at contact, benefiting all levels of player.

We advise golfers to have their grips replaced at least once a season. With new grips, the club should feel good in your hands and you should feel confident and connected to the club head.