AUGUST 10, 2011

AVS or Spiral Wrap? You Can't Go Wrong!

image descriptionWhether you prefer the spiral wrap design or the single panel Advanced Vertical Seam (AVS), Winn has the grip for your game.


The more traditional spiral wrap design offers exceptional feel, shock absorption, and tackiness preferred by many golfers. The wrap's contoured design allows your fingers to naturally blend into the ridges of the grip, providing extra stability that results in more accurate shotmaking.

For those who prefer a more uniform feel, Winn offers Advanced Vertical Seam (AVS) style grips, which are single panel grips that seam vertically in the back. A layer of advanced polymer material is wrapped around an underlisting (inner portion) creating a uniform grip with no overlap. This patented wrapping technique produces a virtually seamless appearance with a sleek tapered profile.

No matter which wrap style of Winn Grip you choose, you're bound to find the great tackiness and feel you've come to expect from WInn.