AUGUST 14, 2011

Anatomy of a Winn Grip

When it comes to Winn Grips, there is much more than meets the eye. Each and every one is constructed as a 2-piece grip as seen in the diagram above. The underlisting, or inner portion of the grip, is made of rubber or lightweight compressed foam (EVA) to create the shape and profile of the grip. The outer layer is our advanced polymer material which is bonded to the underlisting.

 image description

It is this advanced polymer material that is Winn's key technological advantage. Because this polymer material is synthetic and NOT rubber, we are able to create different polymer compounds to suit any type of golfer... from an ultra soft and comfortable feel to firm, high performance Polycord grips. Our primary focus is creating tacky, slip resistant grips that provide unparalleled shock absorption for both a tension free as well as pain free swing.