APRIL 22, 2011

So What Makes a Winn Grip a Winn Grip?

Winn began its innovation of synthetic grips with tennis in 1980. In 1996, Winn was the first to introduce synthetic polymer grips to the golf market instead of rubber, making the company the foremost leader in synthetic grip technology for the past 15 years. Because of constant technological advancements, Winn grips offer a number of performance and feel advantages over typical rubber grips:

  • Ultimate Comfort & Tackiness
  • 65% More Shock Absorption
  • 40% More Slip Resistant
  • Multiple levels of grip firmness, size and weight to fit every player.

Winn is the most innovative golf grip company in the industry.  It owns more than 100 worldwide patents and continues to pioneer cutting-edge grip technologies.


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